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The WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence Program introduces social & emotional learning (SEL) as an essential part of a school’s curriculum in order to:

• Build empathy, resilience & confidence
• Create positive emotional understanding
• Improve emotional intelligence
• Develop a healthy social environment for

Emotional intelligence is as important as a child’s academic ability. Being able to recognize and embrace emotions is an essential part of a child’s emotional development.


About The WorryWoo Curriculum

The WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence Program is an evidence-based curriculum that includes props for teaching Social-Emotional Learning in the general and creative arts classrooms as well as school counseling sessions. Our mission is to introduce emotions in various classrooms giving students the opportunity to explore different ways they can identify, understand and cope with difficult feelings. The main goal is to develop self-awareness, respect for others and promote the concept of empathy for grades K-5. By fostering an understanding in students about the spectrum of feelings and allowing for positive emotional responses at an early age, we are promoting the groundwork for a healthy mental attitude. This, in turn, lessens the threat of negative behavior such as fighting, outbursts, and bullying. The objective is to teach positive social behaviors, which will positively impact the classroom, home and ultimately the community.

What Do the Studies Say?

Casel Wheel

" The most effective Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) requires a strategic, systemic approach that involves everyone, from the district and school leaders to community partners to family members, working together to ensure students receive the support they need.

We live in a stressful world, and our nation’s children and young adults are coping with new and prevalent emotional realities we can’t ignore. Research indicates that when educators work to teach learners how to alleviate and manage stress, students become more likely to learn deeply, avoid negative behaviors and achieve successful outcomes with long-term effects. SEL practices are the focus of copious research studies—and it’s a good thing they are because SEL is needed more than ever. "

–The Room 241 Project, Concordia University

What Do the WorryWoo Studies Say?

WorryWoo Research Intervention Results

Nava R. Silton, Ph.D. & Mackenzie Zehring, 2017–2018


After the 10-week teaching program (referred to as the research intervention results in the following report) the teachers found that students were better able to manage their emotions. Specifically, the results indicated that teachers observed a significant positive impact on the students regarding:

  • Recognition of basic and complex emotions (ACADEMIC)

  • Attitude toward themselves and others (SOCIAL)

  • Ability to control their emotions (CONDUCT)

  • Understanding the feelings of others (SOCIAL)

  • Empathy ( CONDUCT/SOCIAL)

  • Emotional Awareness (EMOTIONAL)

  • Reduced Feelings of “feeling like a failure” (EMOTIONAL)


Download Full Study

A pilot study: The impact of the WorryWoos Developing Emotional Intelligence Program on children’s social and emotional literacy and regulation: the WorryWoos educational setting pilot program 2018: diocese of broken bay

–Dr. John Irvine (B.A.; Ph.D.; MAPS; MACE) and Jaye Bloffwitch 

Findings of the Study

  • There was a significant improvement in pro-social behaviors

  • There were significantly less difficulties reported on the conduct problems scale, hyperactivity problems scale, peer problems scale, emotional problems scale, internalizing difficulties, externalizing difficulties and total problems

  • There was a significant improvement in overall ability to understand and manage emotional difficulties

  • There was a significant improvement in interpersonal skills, emotional awareness, empathy, and resilience

  • This program was then available to all Central Coast NSW schools (including Independent, Catholic, and public schools. After three months, those centers provided feedback.


Central Coast NSW Feedback

  • 87% said the children are enjoying the WorryWoos program and the delivery of the program very much.

  • 80% believed that in only 3 months using the program it had been very beneficial to children’s emotional wellbeing.

  • 73% said the DEI Program guidelines were very helpful

  • 93% said they would highly recommend the DEI Program to other teachers


Download full study

WorryWoo Curriculum Objectives

The WorryWoo Program has designed a curriculum to help develop the following behavior in these five main areas in young students:

Self-awareness: Recognizing one’s emotions and thoughts and their influence on behavior

  • Self-management: Regulating one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations

  • Social awareness: Taking the perspective of and empathizing with others

  • Relationship skills: Establishing and maintaining healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups

  • Responsible decision-making: Making constructive and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interaction

Why Use the WorryWoos

The WorryWoos can be used by both teachers and school counselors in a variety of settings.  One of the key features is the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a given classroom ranging from Literacy, Art, Music and Counseling. The WorryWoos present social themes, which everyone can relate to in a non-threatening and appealing manner. The emotion-based stories, along with the engaging artwork, provide the framework for the development of critical thinking and social skills. As a result, the WorryWoos enhance academic performance by encouraging students to want to read, assess, and discuss the stories they have been exposed to.

Since each WorryWoo book covers a specific feeling, student’s responses to the material present a framework to discuss personal responses and behavior in an open, positive manner. The WorryWoo lesson plans cover themes of social-emotional competence such as friendship, self-acceptance, embracing change, inner strength, and emotional self-regulation. The lesson plans reinforce the emotional and academic goals with an emphasis on improving general and emotional behavior in both schools and at home. The WorryWoo series offers approachable scenarios for kids that blend humor, connection and ways to gently identify. Their themes are rich with content to guide a child into the idea of a feeling—without too much intensity, establishing topics of interest for children to which they can connect without traumatization.

What is in the Ultimate WorryWoo DEI Kit?

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.09.52

All WorryWoo Kits come with training and supporting material. This includes

a Guide Book (training manual), SEL curriculum and lesson plans, 18 Literacy Lesson plans that intertwine reading and writing activities with SEL, and three 3 Art Lesson Plans that provide SEL through art projects. It also includes the Helping Young Worriers Beat the WorryBug, a companion booklet to Don’t Feed the WorryBug. This manual helps teachers and counselors understand why kids worry and what they can do about it.


When you order the WorryWoo Kit with the Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence Curriculum Program you will receive both the training and support manuals as well a login for our Educators Portal. This portal includes videos, sample lesson plans, and music to help get the program started.

We accept purchase orders. To purchase with a PO please email us at

WorryWoo Training and Support

We believe professional development should not only prepare teachers to start using the WorryWoos in the classroom but also help the teachers manage their own emotions. That is why we combine self-care with our training sessions to ensure teachers leave with tools for both themselves and for their classroom. Current workshops and training include:

 WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence 101   

From modeling lessons to creating Shaker Jars and Coping Corners, this Professional Development session offers an in-depth look at the WorryWoo curriculum. Instructors will offer ways to integrate the lesson plans into any classroom and spend time discussing the various ways teachers can work together to create a successful program.


 Anxiety Workshop for Teachers   

This workshop provides stress busting techniques for teachers in both professional and personal settings.

Teachers will learn how to manage anxiety by using some of the ideas from Helping Young Worriers Beat the Worry Bug and Don’t Feed The Worry Bug. Through learning how to manage adult anxiety,  teachers will have the tools to apply these techniques in the classroom.


 Setting up for Success using Frustration Busters in The Classroom  

This workshop targets how to diffuse frustration and anger in students. Teachers will learn various coping strategies and activities to help students work through potentially volatile emotions. Using concepts from the book Helping Young Children Manage Frustration & Anger and The Very Frustrated Monster, teachers will develop new ideas and ways to create a calm and successful class environment.


 Mindfulness V. Mind-Full-ness for Teachers

This workshop offers an in depth look at how to work through difficult thoughts using meditation, insight, and mindfulness exercises to calm the mind. Teachers will learn strategies that can also be used in a classroom setting.


 WorryWoo Residencies 

Have one of the WorryWoo teaching artists teach the full WorryWoo curriculum to your school. Once a week for 10 weeks one of our WorryWoo teachers will visit each classroom and teach the WorryWooo Emotional Intelligence curriculum. Lots of reading, monsters, drawing, breathing and worry free fun guaranteed!

 WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence Program and Classroom Demo   

The WorryWoo DEI curriculum is a first-of-a-kind program that teaches emotional intelligence in the general classroom as well as in the art, music and performing arts classrooms. Teaching students emotional intelligence throughout their day gives them the opportunity to explore various ways they can identify, understand and cope with difficult emotions.


• 1 Classroom Demo featuring Wince and The WorryBug

• 1 Ultimate Kit (9 Books, 8 Plush Dolls, Lesson plans and more)

• 1 Developing Emotional Intelligence Curriculum Book

• 1 Classroom Demonstration by a WorryWoo Teaching Artist

We offer both in person and virtual workshops.

Email us at for information and pricing






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