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WorryWoo Creator Andi Green

Andi Green is the creator of The WorryWoo Monsters, a series of book and plush dolls dolls dedicated to Social Emotional Learning. Green’s books have won numerous awards including a Child Mind Institute top pick for books that address mental health, two Creative Child Magazine Awards, an iParenting Media Award and a Moms Best Award. Over the past decade Green has teamed up with child psychologists, counselors and teachers to create a full evidence-based social and emotional learning curriculum which is used in all fifty states and internationally. Green has visited schools, libraries and community centers nationwide to promote the importance of SEL. She has spoken at the New York City Comic Con twice, most recently as a panelist discussing how illustrated books can promote mental health. In addition, Andi has hosted workshops for teachers and parents to discuss the importance of practicing self-care. By using tips and practices from renowned Australian child-psychologist and collaborator Dr. John Irvine, Green has led discussion groups which address the importance of adults attending to their own emotions in a variety of ways. This inventive forum is an eye-opener for busy and stressed caretakers whose emotional needs have often been overlooked.

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