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WorryWoo Self Care Workshop


When: Wed October 13th at 4:30pm EST


Where: Zoom 

What: How do you fit self-care into an already packed schedule?  Give us twenty minutes and we can help.  Throughout the workshop we will look at what is possible and necessary to one’s own sense of self-care.  We try our best to emphasize that self-care is not selfish and is a required practice.  Anyone who gives to others needs to make sure they are giving from a full bucket themselves. We can help you work towards that goal. 


About Kimberly Strafford:

Kimberly Strafford is the Director of Curriculum and Educational Development for the WorryWoos. She is co-author of the WorryWoo DEI curriculum and soon to be published Counselors Handbook and Kids SEL Activity Book.  Kimberly earned her BFA from Syracuse University and her MA from Emerson College.  Right now, Kimberly is completing her studies with the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence and will soon be working towards a degree in social work.

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