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The WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence program is an evidence-based,  cross-curricular program for K-5. Using a creative arts approach to understanding emotions, this new program contains lesson plans for Language Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts & Music classrooms. Lessons can be used in conjunction with one another or on their own. Program also includes online video tutorials and additional lesson plans. Teaching emotions in all facets of a school program gives students the opportunity to explore various ways they can identify, understand and cope with difficult emotions.


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WorryWoo Developing Social & Emotional Intelligence Curriculum

  • This book contains copyrighted material and can not be copied, shared or reused without the written constent of the publisher.This download is exclusive to the buyer and not to be shared, posted or emailed to other individuals as teachers and counselors have worked hard to create this program and we ask you respect their rights as authors.


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