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This Ultimate WorryWoo Kit includes our evidence-based Developing Social & Emotional Intelligence curriculum book (DEI).  This first of a kind program can be used in the general classroom during language arts and literacy, in the creative art rooms as well as during counseling, dramatic play  and play therapy sessions. What makes this program so unique is it can be used as a standalone program or in tandum with other SEL program.


This Ultimate WorryWoo SEL Kit:

  • The WorryWoo Developing Social and Emotional Intelligence Curriculum Book
  • 7 WorryWoo Full Sized Plush + The WorryBug Plush 
  • 7 WorryWoo SoftBound Storybooks
  • WorryWoo Discussion Posters (7) + Feelings Poster
  • WorryWoo Feelings Stickers Pack
  • Woos in the Classroom literacy lesson plan book.
  • Social Emotional Learning with the Woos a counselor and teacher lesson plan book.
  • WorryWoo GuideBook A New Woo Lives
  • Helping Young Worriers Beat The WorryBug - A Practical Guide of Therapeutic Ideas and Activities by Dr. John Irvine
  • Helping Young Children Manage Frustration and Anger - A Practical Guide For Parents and Educators to Help Their Little Twitches! by Dr. John Irvine
  • Large WorryWoo zipper tote bag

The Ultimate WorryWoo SEL Kit & DEI Curriculum Book - SoftCover Edition

SKU: Ultimate-Kit with DEI Curriculum
  • We want to make sure you don't worry! All WorryWoo items are returnable if unused and returned within 30 days of ordering. WorryWoo Plush must be in their original unopened bag in order to receive a refund.  Any WorryWoo item that is delivered damaged can be returned for a refund or a replacement will be sent.

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