This Ultimate WorryWoo SEL Kit:

  • 7 WorryWoo Full Sized Plush + The WorryBug Plush
  • 7 WorryWoo Hardcover Storybooks
  • WorryWoo Discussion Posters (7)
  • Woos in the Classroom literacy lesson plan book.
  • Social Emotional Learning with the Woos a counselor and teacher lesson plan book.
  • WorryWoo GuideBook A New Woo Lives
  • Helping Young Worriers Beat The WorryBug - A Practical Guide of Therapeutic Ideas and Activities by Dr. John Irvine
  • Helping Young Children Manage Frustration and Anger - A Practical Guide For Parents and Educators to Help Their Little Twitches! by Dr. John Irvine
  • Large WorryWoo zipper tote bag

The Ultimate WorryWoo SEL Kit

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