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Helping Young Children Manage Frustration and Anger is the latest release from Dr. John Irvine's WorryWoo Companion Series that aims to help parents and educators understand and address the difficult emotions of anger and frustration. As Dr. John explains "Anger is a healthy and normal emotion, but kids’ inability to manage their emotions can lead to heartbreaking long-term outcomes. If we can help our children learn how to handle their anger, then we can save our kids, our schools and our communities from the painful impact of aggression" This book includes assessment guides for both the parents and children along with fun activities to help any little Twitch cope with the difficult feelings of anger and frustration.

Helping Young Children Manage Frustration and Anger

    • Hard cover
    • Hand illustrated with pen, ink and watercolor
    • 52 pages
    • Parent Book
    • Best when paired with The Very Frustrated Monster
    • Printed in the USA
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