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Cuddly cotton candy pink Squeek plush and The Monster in The Bubble storybook. Great gift for all ages! 

Squeek, the Monster of Innocence is a cotton candy pink little guy who lives in a bubble! As you can see by the look on his face, he’s shy and needs you to introduce him to the world. Just hold him in your arms and describe everything to him. You can be his teacher and show him all the fun things that are special in your life. Oh, and don’t forget, he’s the pip- “squeek” of the bunch so be gentle!


  • The Monster In The Bubble SoftCover
  • Squeek Plush
  • WorryWoo Activity Book of Feelings


Squeek StoryBook, Plush & Activity Book

  • Please allow 5-7 days from the time the order is placed for your order to be shipped. We try our best to ship all orders out as fast as possible. Thank you and please reach out if you have any shipping questions.

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