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Explore these three inspiring STEAM projects suitable for both classroom and home settings. From instilling a sense of gratitude for our planet among children to cultivating a garden of positivity through kindness-themed signage, and even transforming worries into flourishing flowers via composting, each activity promises to captivate young minds while fostering essential values of empathy and respect.

3 Amazing Earth Day Projects

Let's compost
our worries!

Supplies needed for composting

  • Paper (preferably colored paper) and writing tools

  • Water

  • A blender or shred paper by hand (works great too).

  • Seeds, any kind  of flower or apple seeds or orange                              seeds from a fruit in your house!

  • Egg crates or molds 

  • Soil and a flower pot`

Compost Your Worries Worksheet, Worry Word Search & More 


For Teachers: Compost Your Worries Lesson Plan

Supplies needed for Garden of Signs

  • A 2-3 small potted plants 

  • Scissors and Glue sticks

  • Poster board

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Markers and crayons

  • This activity helps build self-confidence and creates reminders for kids to remember how awesome they are!

  • If you don't want to use plants, instead download our Flower Power worksheet or Garden of Signs art page!

We all need
a garden of

Supplies needed for Crown of Gratitude

  • Paper plates

  • Scissors & Glue sticks or fun stickers to add to the crown

  • Markers and crayons

  • This activity helps kids see all the wonderful things right in front of them to be grateful for.

  • If you don't want to make a cown, instead download our Gratitude jar worksheet or thank you cards. 

Making a 
crown of


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