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How long have you been a teacher?


I have been teaching for ten years.


What is you favorite part about teaching?

My favorite part about teaching is the moment when a student realizes that he/she is capable of performing a particular skill, creating a certain effect or successfully applying a technique that they never thought they could achieve.  It is awesome to see their eyes light up with a sense of confidence that can then serve as a catalyst to attain future goals both big and small.


Did you know about the WorryWoos before the pilot program?

I did not know about the WorryWoos before being introduced to them through the district workshops.


Sea of Friendship Mural from the classroom of Lina Pitrelli


How has the program impacted the students in your classroom?

The program has impacted our kindergarten students in a very positive way.  In my room, I have showcased the books and stuffed characters by giving them their own bookcase and area.  Students are encouraged to go to that area on their own if they would get comfort from hugging a monster or if they would like to add their worry to the class’ Worry Box”.


Having been introduced to the characters and being exposed to the experiences, emotions and resolutions to their problems, has helped our students realize that everything is manageable.  The various emotions felt by our young artists can be very overwhelming at times and so with    integrating this program and the resources that it provides, they are afforded some tools and knowledge of self- management.   It is a useful addition to our Visual Arts Curriculum.  Students are made to feel empowered about how they choose to express their emotions both positive and negative.


What is you favorite part of the program?

My favorite part of the program is the series of books.  I believe that the situations that these monsters find themselves a part of are so relatable to all of us regardless of age. The stories are endearing and I enjoy reading them aloud to my classes. They put a smile on my face☺


Which character do you enjoy most? And Why?

I enjoy Wince because this monster is most like myself.  I too, am a worrier by nature and have to talk myself into a place where I can differentiate an important worry from a needless one.  Wince is sweet and I love to see that the students in this program have learned about how to put their worries away, out of their hearts and into the hands of a friendly monster whom shares the same emotions.


Anything else you would like to say?

I thoroughly enjoy the workshops provided to us throughout the year.

They are informative, therapeutic and hysterically funny thanks to Kimberly



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