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The WorryWoo Mighty Monsters Program was created to support counselors, facilitators and mental health professionals on their journey to implementing WorryWoos into group settings.


How the program will help:

  • Adult-child interaction will provide immediate reinforcement for brave/positive/social thinking skills.
  • Play experiences will focus on understanding anxiety and how the brain works.
  • Use of cognitive behavioral therapeutic techniques (WorryWoo Monsters, props, books, role play, games, science) will provide a fun way to understand and cope with thoughts, feelings and behavior.
  • Sharing of group experiences will increase situational learning.
  • Experiences will reveal each child’s strengths and challenges in social interaction, conflict resolution, listening, sense of control, understanding of emotions, and frustration tolerance.
  • Children of different ages will be combined into small groups to provide a range of social skills.


At the conclusion of this course:

  • Children will learn skills that will reduce avoidance of stressful situations.
  • Children will learn communication skills that pertain to feelings and expression of those feelings (build emotional vocabulary).
  • Children will learn specific things that they can do to control their behavior and reduce avoidance or negativity of thought.
  • Children will advance their social skills by increasing awareness of feelings in oneself and others.
  • Parents will increase their understanding of anxiety, social skills and optimistic thinking in children.

WorryWoo Mighty Monsters Curriculum

  • Once purchased this file is exclusive to the buyer.  We ask as a courtesy to please not post the curriculum online as both teachers and counselors have worked hard to create this program and we reserve the right to protect their rights as authors.  Thank you for choosing the WorryWoo program!


    The Mighty Monsters Curriculum © 2023 all rights reserved.

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