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The WorryBug loves to make you worry. Why? Because worries are its favorite treat. And the more you worry… the more it will eat! It loves to push your worry button, hoping that one worry will lead to another. So to all of you worriers: DON’T FEED THE WORRYBUG or your worries will grow!

  • Great reminder not to feed your worries
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Made with all new safe materials
  • Meets ASTM & AUS/NZ safety standards
  • Dimensions: 6” inches

Recommended ages 3+

The WorryBug® Plush

  • United States: We offer free shipping for all WorryWoo orders over $36  in the United States.

    Outside of the United States: We try our best to get you the best rates for your order. Lead times can vary from country to country.  If you place an order from outside the US, we will send a follow up email with your tracking information. If you have any questions regarding the shipment of your order email us at


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