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Nola, the cuddly green Monster of Loneliness lives in a world of sunny skies and beautiful landscapes but she’s missing one thing… a friend. Her wide-eyed stare and squooshy tummy make her an ideal candidate for hugs and kisses. She also sports a standard WorryWoo belly button made for tickles! She would love to be your best friend! 

  • Supersoft huggable body
  • Has a WorryWoo bellybutton
  • Meets ASTM and AUS/NZ safety standards
  • Made with all new materials
  • Needs lots of hugs
  • Dimensions 11”

 Recommended ages 3+

Nola. The Monster of Lonliness

  • Shipping Rates Vary through out the continental US.

    Outside of the United States: We try our best to get you the best rates for your order. Lead times can vary from country to country.  If you place an order from outside the US, we will send a follow up email with your tracking. If you have any questions regarding the shipment of your order please feel free to email us at

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