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Over the past three weeks we have been offering free downloads from the The WorryWoo Activity Book of Feelings to help start the conversation about feelings. For the final week we have put all the downloads together for the last week. We hope you enjoyed these downloads and make sure to checkout our FREE resources page where you can find even more WorryWoo activities!

More About The  WorryWoo Activity Book of Feelings
Step into the creative world of the WorryWoo Monsters and enjoy the exciting activities based on feelings! In this book, kids can have fun with puzzles, mazes, word searches, and cool STEAM projects. But it's not just about fun—it's about learning how to handle emotions too. With over 100 pages of SEL activities, children will learn to recognize and accept their feelings in a positive way. Plus, there are special "Mindfulness Moments" to help calm their minds. Let's all embrace our emotions and discover our inner  "WOO" together!
Sold separately on Amazon or available in the WorryWoo SEL Kits. 

Free Downloads For Mental Health Awareness Month

The WorryBug

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The WorryBug Deluxe Kit
The WorryBug
Feelings Chart for SEL

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The WorryWoo Series is dedicated to helping children talk

about and manage feelings that aren't so easy to talk about.

The WorryBug Deluxe Kit comes with additional resources to make learning about worry approachable and fun, helping both children and parents make sense of complex emotions. Whether you're a parent looking for ways to help your child through difficult times, or a teacher working with students who might be struggling, we have what you need to succeed.


The Deluxe WorryBug Kit includes:​

  • Don't Feed The WorryBug (SoftCover)

  • Helping Young Worriers Beat The WorryBug by John Irvine Ph.D

  • WorryBug Plush

  • Wince plush

  • The WorryWoos Book Activity Book Of Feelings

  • WorryWoo Activity Book of  Feelings

  • WorryWoo Feelings Poster

  • Wince Discussion Poster

  • WorryWoo Large Tote                       

Wince from the children's book  Don't Feed The WorryBug - WorryWoo Seroes
Picture from the WorryWoo series- a children's series about feelings


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