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Social Emotional Learning is one of the most important programs a school can add to their curriculum. The WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence (WWDEI) Program is focused on integrating social and emotional learning (SEL) into all facets of the Arts curricula in order to develop the following objectives:

Building empathy

• Creating positive emotional understanding

• Improving emotional intelligence

• Developing a healthy social environment for the students




Author Visit and Anxiety Workshop - 1hr

WorryWoo Creator Andi Green will read one of her WorryWoo

storybooks as well as discuss how she started creating the

WorryWoos. Green’s visit will include


• Reading of a WorryWoo Book

• Q/A with the students

• Draw a WorryWoo with the students


After Green’s talk, a WorryWoo teaching artist will run a 20 minute

anxiety workshop using breathing and mindfulness techniques to

help students learn the importance of letting their worries go.


WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence Program and Classroom Demo

The WorryWoo DEI curriculum is a first-of-a-kind program that teaches emotional intelligence in the general classroom as well as in the art, music and performing arts classrooms. Teaching students emotional intelligence throughout their day gives them the opportunity to explore various ways they can identify, understand and cope with difficult emotions.


• 1 Classroom Demo featuring Wince and The WorryBug

• 1 Ultimate Kit (9 Books, 8 Plush Dolls, Lesson plans and more)

• 1 Developing Emotional Intelligence Curriculum Book

• 1 Classroom Demonstration by a WorryWoo Teaching Artist


Teacher Professional Development Workshops - 3-6 hours /1-3 day - On-site or Satellite

WorryWoo Developing Emotional Intelligence 101

From modeling lessons to creating Shaker Jars and Coping Corners, this Professional Development session offers an in-depth look at the WorryWoo curriculum. Instructors will offer ways to integrate the lesson plans into any classroom and spend time discussing the various ways teachers can work together to create a successful program.


Anxiety Workshop for Teachers

This workshop provides stress busting techniques for teachers in both professional and personal settings.

Teachers will learn how to manage anxiety by using some of the ideas from Helping Young Worriers Beat the Worry Bug and Don’t Feed The Worry Bug. Through learning how to manage adult anxiety teachers will have the tools to  apply these techniques in the classroom.


Setting up for Success using Frustration Busters in The Classroom

This workshop targets how to diffuse frustration and anger in students. Teachers will learn various coping strategies and activities to help students work through potentially volatile emotions. Using concepts from the book Helping Young Children Manage Frustration & Anger and The Very Frustrated Monster, teachers will develop new ideas and ways to create a calm and successful class environment.


Mindfulness V. Mind-Full-ness for Teachers

This workshop offers an in depth look at how to work through difficult thoughts using meditation, insight, and mindfulness exercises to calm the mind. Teachers will learn strategies that can also be used in a

classroom setting.


WorryWoo Residencies

Have one of the WorryWoo teaching artists teach the full WorryWoo curriculum to your school. Once a week for 10 weeks one of our WorryWoo teachers will visit each classroom and teach the WorryWooo Emotional Intelligence curriculum. Lots of reading, monsters, drawing, breathing and worry free fun guaranteed!



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