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The WorryBug Self-Care Workshop For The Workplace.


For over a decade we've been using the WorryWoos in classrooms to help students identify, cope understand and embrace difficult emotions. Through these workshops we received strong feedback from teachers and caregivers that they too needed workshops as they were struggling to manage their own anxiety and in turn it was effecting their performance at work and overall well being. Three years have passed since our first anxiety workshop for educators and we are proud to now offer these same effective workshops for corporate offices and health facilities.


So, what can a WorryBug workshop do for your team?


We focus on coping techniques and meditation to help combat the following:


• Work place stress

• Personal attitudes

• Lack of self- care

• Anxiety


We work towards promoting:

• Team building

• Compassionate problem solving

• Empathy

• Mindfulness


Our goal is to get your team back on track to

a more positive mental focus. Implementing

techniques created by Dr. John Irvine we will

demonstrate various methods to help reduce

stress and anxiety while creating a healthy

work/life balance. Just as our school system

needs to address mental health, our workforce needs

to acknowledge the impact of social & emotional literacy in our offices, businesses, and homes.


How long is the Workshop?

Each WorryBug workshop runs approximately one hour.


What is included in the workshop?

• one 1 hour  anxiety workshop that includes mindfulness and anxiety busting techniques

• one WorryBug book per attendee

• one WorryBug doll per attendee as a reminder not to feed the WorryBug


What else do I need to know?

Each WorryBug workshop is priced based on number of participants. Minimum 10 participants per session. Sessions can be extended to include Healthy Eating Habits and Meditative Exercises.


According to the American Institute of Stress One Million US

employees miss work a day due to workplace stress.


In 2009, The American Psychological Association stated that 51% of

 employees stated they were less productive at work due to stress.


National Committee of Quality Assurance found in 2004 that

Depression results in more days of disability than chronic conditions

such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

For more information email us Info@worrywoos.com or call 201-792-4599

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